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Parade Guidelines

Parade Date:             Friday, December 2, 2022

Parade Start Time:    6:00 pm

Deadline to Apply:    November 27, 2022                                     

                      Cost:   No Charge 

CHECK IN:  Milliken Presbyterian Church, 201 South Olive

LINE UP STARTS:  5:30 pm


  • Request holiday/light themed entries.

  • If you are using horse teams, one outrider is required per entry.

  • Unlicensed vehicles will be allowed in the parade only, not on the street.

  • All vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver.

  • NO ONE can get on or off the vehicles or floats while parade is in motion.

  • The Milliken Events Committee Board of Directors and Parade Chair reserve the right to bar or remove from the parade any entry refusing to follow any or all instructions from parade officials or law enforcement officers.

  • Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or any other illegal substances is forbidden on or around the parade route.

  • Squirt guns, silly string or any other items deemed potentially dangerous to spectators or participants are strictly forbidden.

  • Throwing of any materials including candy from vehicles or floats is forbidden for safety reasons. Candy and other handouts may be handed to spectators, one on one only.  Any activity that causes spectators to run into the flow of the parade is forbidden.

  • NO ONE can get on or off the vehicles or floats while parade is in motion.

  • Parade must maintain a forward motion at all times.

  • All persons riding motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, or skateboards must wear helmets.

  • No vendor will be allowed to walk the parade route to sell goods. 

  • Safety precautions will be strictly enforced!  Violations will result in an immediate removal from the parade and possible exclusion from future parades and events.

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