Space Requirements

Each entrant will be allocated a 20’ x 30’ footprint unless a larger footprint is purchased.  Spaces CANNOT be more than 20’ deep.  A limited number of non-selling spaces will be available. Spaces are 20′ deep x 30′ long.


You may park your RV (No RV’s on Main Street,, In Festival Area, CR 25, HWY 60 or CR 46), trailer or vehicle in your space provided that you remain within the 20′x 30′ footprint.  Additional parking is located in the rear of TRPR.  A Milliken Events Team Member will assist you where to park.  

Check in date and time is Friday, August 9th, 2019 at 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  With the BBQ Competition being held August 10th, 2019. 

Contestant may indicate a team they would like to be located near, but contest organizers reserve the right to assign spaces. Selling teams will be separated from non-selling contestants.


  • All competitors will have a fire inspection on Saturday. 

  • Receptacles for ash and grease disposal will be available throughout the contest. Please provide your own trash receptacles for your booth. Dumpsters will be conveniently located for trash, recycling and composting.

  • Tables, tents, chairs may be rented from Arapaho Rental which is located at 142 Gateway Circle ( 10 miles from Millikan). Call them directly for rental information at (970) 532-0144  advance notice required.   

  • Teams must provide their own heavy duty extension cords (at least 200 feet). Limited electricity will be available.

  • Restrooms (no shower facilities) will be available outside of TRPR.

  • Grey water may not be disposed of on location.  There are no sewers in TRPR parking lot, so please do not dump water on the street.