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All the Fun in One Fair


Paint Art for Kids

Kids come and be creative!

Don't worry parents the paint is washable.



Come see the spectacular display!

Toddler Zone

Just your size!

Supplied by Airbound

Corn Hole Tournament

Fun for all,

big and small!


Drone Chamber

Come see the spectacular display!

Supplied by Airbound


Foam Pit

Bring a swim suit or a change of clothes.

Chance of getting wet is high!

Supplied by Airbound

Backyard BBQ Competition

Milliken's finest backyard bbqing men and women will compete with their choice of pork, steak or both for amazing prizes.

Barbecue Grill Cover

Smoker Raffle

This year we are raffling off a smoker. 

White Van

Free Van Service

Van's are available to pick up folks from around town and transport you back an forth

Lunch with Beer

Beer Garden

Beer Garden for those of legal age.


Civica Kid's Q Competition

Kids compete in a hamburger competition for amazing prizes

Family Picnic
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