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$100 First Place

$75 Second Place

$50 Place

If for any reason, your cook is unable to participate please let us know immediately so we can offer the spot to another individual.

NOTE:  You will receive final instructions confirming arrival and set up times via email the first week of August. 

Questions email:

Junior Cook prepares all condiments (slice, dice, etc.) and seasonings at home.  Please do NOT bring unprepped food with knives to the contest.

Instructions to Burger Professionals

  • All Junior Cooks may take guidance from a parent or guardian; however, the adult supervisor cannot physically assist with making or cooking the hamburgers

  • You will receive enough hamburger to make four hamburgers in 15 minutes

  • One will be a test hamburger, you will cook first and taste test as a trial run

  • Make any necessary changes and when told begin cook the other three hamburgers for the judges

  • You must cook the hamburgers to 160 degrees; we have a thermometer and will check them

  • Place three hamburgers into the Styrofoam container

  • Deliver to the judging table


Grills will be lit by a CIVICA volunteer only.

In order to participate your Burger Professional must be under 18 and a resident of Milliken or go to school in Milliken or Johnstown

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