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Standard Booth - Non Profit* (Limited number are available)

10' x 10' Booth for supporting non-profit organizations.

Standard Booth - Non Profit* (Limited number are available)

  • Price includes a 10’ x 10’ booth space only.  If you require a larger space, increase the quantity and price accordingly.  For instance, a 10’ x 20’ Arts/Crafts booth is $90.00.  Odd sizes or requirements, please contact the Milliken Events Committee by email.

    Any tents, tables, or chairs will need to be provided by participant.

    • If you sell brand name products, please check availability as we limit these products to one booth for the event.  We may have more than one business making wood crafts, hand-made jewelry etc.

    • Booths will be based on a “First Serve” basis and we will limit the number of similar vendors to be fair to everyone who is part of the event.  You must submit a completed Vendor Application, including the indemnification agreement and payment, directly to the Milliken Events Committee.

    • At least one person 18 years of age or older must manage the booth space.

    • The Milliken Events Committee reserves the right to cancel the BBQ Beef ‘n Bean Day celebration for any reason that would jeopardize public health or safety.

    • I also understand that I am obligated to collect and remit required sales taxes in accordance with Article III of Chapter 4 of the Milliken Municipal Code and failure to do so may result in penalties and assessments and possible expulsion from BBQ Beef ‘N Bean Day. 

      • Sales tax is paid directly to the State of Colorado. 

      • Tax rates are available at Sovos:

    • The Milliken Events Committee does not carry insurance to cover personal property.  As an independent contractor, I understand I am obligated to provide my own insurance for my personal property.

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