Beef 'n Bean Day Vendors Page

Vendor Regular Paper Applications

Food Vendor Paper Applications

Standard Booths

Price includes a 10’ x 10’ booth space only.  If you require a larger space, increase the quantity and price accordingly.  For instance, a 10’ x 20’ Arts/Crafts booth is $90.00.  Odd sizes or requirements, please contact the Milliken Events Committee by email.

Any tents, tables, or chairs will need to be provided by participant.

  1. If you sell brand name products, please check availability as we limit these products to one booth for the event.  We may have more than one business making wood crafts, hand-made jewelry etc.

  2. Booths will be based on a “First Serve” basis and we will limit the number of similar vendors to be fair to everyone who is part of the event.  You must submit a completed Vendor Application, including the indemnification agreement and payment, directly to the Milliken Events Committee.

  3. At least one person 18 years of age or older must manage the booth space.

  4. The Milliken Events Committee reserves the right to cancel the BBQ Beef ‘n Bean Day celebration for any reason that would jeopardize public health or safety.

  5. I also understand that I am obligated to collect and remit required sales taxes in accordance with Article III of Chapter 4 of the Milliken Municipal Code and failure to do so may result in penalties and assessments and possible expulsion from BBQ Beef ‘N Bean Day. 

  6. The Milliken Events Committee does not carry insurance to cover personal property.  As an independent contractor, I understand I am obligated to provide my own insurance for my personal property.